HTML Tags:

When a web web page is to be developed,the following are to be planned:

  • content of the page.
  • Appearance of the page.

The appearance of the web page is coded in HTML language using Html Tags.

HTML Tags AND Attributes:

An HTML tag is a word specifying the appearance of the content.The following are the salient features of an HTML tags:

  1.  A tag is enclosed between the < and > symbols.Examples are <head>,<h1>,<ol> etc.
  2. Most of the tags have end tag,which begins with <h1> and end tag for </h1>

A tag may have some attributes.Attributes are the properties of the tag.For example consider the <hr> tag.This tag is for drawing the horizontal ruling(Horizontal Line).The tag is contains the following attributes.

  1. SIZE
  2. WIDTH

These are represented as follows..

<hr size=10 width=20% align=LEFT>

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