Server Side Scripting Language

server-side scripting, also sometimes referred as server scripting, refers to the methodology that program the conduct or activities of the server .server-side scripting was invented in early 1995 by Fred DuFresne While developing the first website for Boston.Ma television station WCVB. Characteristically, the server side scripting is employed for the various reason, essentially where access to a database is required and also to customize pages for different users.

The various Technology and Software products function in somewhat different manner but fundamentally the server side scripting language structure a programme to generate an HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) page as its output and then this HTML page is sent to user’s browser.

What Server Script can DO?

1)Dynamically edit, change or add any content to a web page

2)Respond to user queries or data submitted from HTML forms.

3)Access any data or database and return the result to a browser.

4)customize a web page to make it more useful for individual users.

5)Provide security since your server code can’t be viewed from the browser.

Some server-side scripting language as follows:(click the link)

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