How can we working with Mysql / Mysqli?


 Its time to learn how to connect to the MySQL database using the   client tools that come with MySQL .You may also use a web-based called phpmyAdmin to modify your database. we will also cover how to use SQL to create databases ,users,and tables,as well as how modify existing objects in the database.  


MySql database:

Mysql has its own client interface,allowing you to move data around and change database configuration. Note that you should use a password to log in. Assigning database users allow you to limit access to tables based on the logged-in database user. Each mysql server can host many databases. A web application may use its own proprietary database or a standard database like MySQL.


You can have installed MySQL database yourself or have access to it through your ISP. Most ISPs the support PHP also provide a MYSQL database for your use.Should you have difficulitry ,check their support pages or contact them to determine connection details.You’ll need to know the following:

1)The IP address of the database server

2)The name of the database.

3)The username

4)The Password.

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