Advantage and Disadvantage  of Server-side scripting

      some advantages of Server-side Scripting are as follows:

               Advantages of Server-side Scripting

1)It doesn’t require the user to download plug-ins like Java or Flash(client-side scripting).

2)A single Website templates can be created for the entire Website.

3)A Website can be configured to use a content management system, which simplifies the editing, publishing adding of images and creation of web applications. Many applications are often available in the form of extensions or add-ons.

4)Load times are generally faster than client-side scripting. It reduces the load on the user’s computer, as it doesn’t require plug-ins or browser scripting technology, such as javascript.

5)Website owners can create their own applications or use the content management system to maintain their Website even without editing the code.


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                 Disadvantages of  Server-side Scripting

1)The most significant one is that the script can be used by attackers to gain access to the server. The nature of dynamic script creates new security concerns, in some cases making it easier for the hacker to gain access to server exploiting code flowers,

2)Because the script responds to URL input, changing the URL exploit a security hole and can give the user server access, sometimes even as root.

3)It requires the scripting software to be installed on the server

4)Many scripts and CMS tools require databases in order to store dynamic data.

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