All HTML Tags and Uses

HTML Provides various tags and attributes to make the document look attractive to the user using different types  of formatting tags which the discussed below:

Text Tags: Text pages provides a logical structure for content using block level elements to structure the document. Block level elements contain blocks of text and can organize text into paragraphs. Block level elements,according to the w3c (World wide web consortium)Standard for HTML 4.0, should have a line break or paragraph break before and after the element .some common  block level elements are:

             Heading (<H1> AND </H1> and <H2>   AND </H2>)

            Paragraphs (<p> AND </P>

            Horizontal rules (<HR>)

            Centered text (<center> AND </center>

Using Text level Elements :


Tag name : Abbreviation

Exolanation : It is a text level elements that indicated that the enclosed textbis an acronym or abbrevetion.

Attributes : TITTLE = “text”

its provides the expanded version of the abreviation and appears in the pop up box ,when the mouse is over the acronym.


 I spy for the< Acronym title=”Investigation”>FBI</Acronym>

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