What is a client-side scripting     

“Client-side scripting is always evolving it’s growing simpler, more nimble, and easier to use. As a result, sites are faster, more efficient, and less work is left up to the server”

Client-end scripts are embedded in a website’s HTML(Hypertext markup language) which is housed on the server in a language that’s compatible with or compiled communicate with, the browser. The browser temporarily downloads that code, and then, apart from the server, processes it. If it needs to request additional information in response to user clicks, mouse-overs, etc. (called “events”), a request is sent back to the server.

Abetter solution is client-side scripting, which is designed to manipulate and display the content returned from the server. This method enables you to respond to user events by hiding or showing elements on the page, moving elements, or changing colors and fonts. Showing and hiding tables is the essence of how you create a pull-down menu on a Web page. Displaying a window in response to the mouse position allows a Web page to support ToolTips.


Allows for more interactivity.

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