In a website, the WWW is a subset of the internet and comprises of a huge collection of documents stored in computers access the world. The web encompasses special sites called Websites along with the internet, that supports Web Browsing. By clicking on the links that appear on the webpage, one can navigate from one place to another. Hence Web page can be defined as a single Hypertext document written in HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE(HTML) and describe HTML basics. A webpage normally incorporates the basic information and links to navigate in the website to which it belongs. Documents in the world wide web are classified into three types, static, dynamic and active documents.

                               What is static webpage?

1)Static Webpage: There are Fixed content documents with perpetually provide the same information in response to all download requests from all Web users. Static documents are stored in a web server to be accessed by the Web Client. The web content request the pages get a copy of the same

                                What is Dynamic webpage?

2)Dynamic webpage: These web pages provide interactive Web navigation and help modify the content like text, images, forms filed etc. On the web page, depending on different contexts or conditions. The dynamic pages are two types of inter-activities, which are enlisted in the followings:

1)Client-side Scripting
2)Server-side scripting

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