What is Data Flow Diagram|Context Diagram|

Hy friends here is I am talking about DFD.DFD is also called Data Flow Diagram. It is a chart where you designing your projects model, website, and your working model design with the help of DFD.

Now you think why I actually talking about right?

Let me explain!!! When you create a website, you know about the project module when you manage your website. These project modules are designed with a chart that chart is called the DFD.

Now you understand right, now You will with me I have given to you briefly.

DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Consist of three parts:

  • 0 Level Diagram(context diagram)
  • Level 1 Diagram
  • Level 2 Diagram
  1. 0 Level Diagram : 

        2.Level 1 Diagram:

    3.Level 2 Diagram:

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